Boost Book Sales by Optimizing Your Amazon Pages

Just make these 5 easy changes

There’s no question that Amazon is one of the most well-indexed sites on the internet. If you search for your book or your name, it’s likely that your Amazon page will show up much higher than your blog. To optimize your Amazon page, there are a few things you can do:

1.    Make sure you have an Author Central account with your bio and picture filled out. Having an Author Central account will help you rank higher on Amazon. Here’s an example of how Joanna Penn’s Amazon Author page looks like.

2.    Connect your social media accounts to your Amazon Author Central page.

3.    Make sure your book has the relevant keywords you would use to find a book like yours.

4.    When you pick keywords, you need to pick specific keywords that aren’t competitive. For example, paranormal romance is too competitive. It will be hard to rank for it, but a long-tail keyword like werewolf shifter paranormal romance might work, since fewer authors with those keywords are doing anything with SEO. Then, get the direct link to your book on Amazon (it ends with the ASIN), and use keyword anchors to link to it. For example, type werewolf shifter paranormal romance then link it to your Amazon page. This way, you can get your Amazon page to rank above everyone’s else’s. Just make sure you are following our Amazon URL linking instructions in our previous post.

5. Write a punchy description and include some of your keywords in your description.

By implementing these small changes your book sales pages will appear in searches and appear directly to potential readers on Amazon.