Author Karma

How to support your favorite authors

My kids are on Spring Break in NY. Basically, this means I have three kids with me at home for a week, so I thought I’d do a simple, short post on how to support your fellow authors.

I was astonished when I asked a client about the last book he bought, and he replied that he didn’t buy books.

Authors, if you expect someone to *pay* to read your books, then you should be buying theirs. It’s author karma.

Here’s a cute graphic I came across a few years ago by Sherry Snider.

  1. Buy the book.

  2. Share the book on your social media by saying, “I just bought [bookname] by [author name]” and tag them.

  3. Write an honest review for the author on Amazon, Goodreads, and other retail pages.

  4. Share their book link with friends you think might enjoy them.

  5. Follow the author on Amazon, BookBub, and Goodreads.

This will keep them fed and keep them writing. And you can continue to read great stuff.

Happy Writing,

Miral Sattar -

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